Become a member

How One Becomes a Member of a Brethren Church  A MEMBER IS RECEIVED BY:

1. Indicating his/her desire to the pastor.

2. Determining how…

  • by Affirmation of Faith, in the case that one has not made a public commitment to Jesus Christ and has not been baptized.
  • by Reaffirmation of Faith, in the cases where one was baptized earlier but has not participated actively in the life of a Christian Church 
or if the congregation from which one comes does not give a Letter of Transfer.
  • by Letter of Transfer, which is requested from the church where one has held previous active membership.

Coming forward at an appropriate time and answering the following questions:

  • Do you trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior – the One through his teachings and example, and his 
life, death, and resurrection gives you new life with God?
  • Will you support the Fayetteville Brethren Church with your attendance, giving, service and prayers?

Any questions regarding Christian Beliefs and Practices may be directed at any time to the pastor.