In Matthew 27:18-19 we read,

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

For many years, congregations that are part of the Unity of the Brethren have combined their efforts to carry out this commission by working through the Foreign & Home Mission Boards of the Unity.The Unity of the Brethren has assisited their missionaries’ work in countries such as Mexico (Robert & Anne Thiessen & Phil & Eunice Raiford), Southeast Asia (M. Woo), Czech Republic (Pastor Pavel & Stanya Kozak), Zambia (Carolyn Groseclose) and locally at Cade Lake Chapel near Caldwell, Texas.

Contact Information for our Missionaries:

Robert & Anne Thiessen – rvthiessen@gmail.com

Michael Woo – mscwoo@psmail.net

Pastor Pavel & Stanya Kozak – Pavel.Ko@volny.cz

Carolyn Groseclose – carolyngroseclose@yahoo.com

Phil & Eunice Raiford – pbrmissions@gmail.com

Cade Lake Community Chapel – Rev Jim Heckman – 979-739-1393


A message from Michael Woo:

Dear Woo prayer team,

Many of you prayed daily during the month of October last year for the Shan Dai/Tai.  Would you join us again for this worldwide event?  Praise the Lord for what He will do as we seek His face for this nation.  Daily prayer starts Oct. 1!
Love and blessings,
Michael Woo

Month of Prayer for the Shan-Tai is coming!!


All over the planet, groups and individuals will be praying daily for the Shan in October. Every day there will be a new fresh story from people on the ground working the Shan-Tai Will you join us? Here are some options:

1) Want to sign up for Facebook? www.facebook.com/Pray4ShanTai and click “Like it.”

2) Want to sign up for Twitter? Follow @shanprayer or visit


3) Want to sign up for daily email updates? Email prayfortheshan@gmail.com and request to be added to the prayer list. The daily request will stop November 1.

As you recognize this is not the same as a prayer letter that you may receive, but more like a global, daily entreaty to the Lord on behalf of the Shan-Tai.

This being so every year we see God do AMAZING things among our Shan-Tai brothers and sisters during this month. Also as it is customary for the Shan-Tai team members to pray and fast on Tuesday we would gladly welcome you to join us as the Lord so leads. We by faith are trusting in the Lord for great things during this time. Please try to get your church engaged and/or prayer groups that you know.

For His name sake, The Shan-Tai team-